Puresan’s primary objective is the provision of a solution to the problem of unclean water thus eliminating the dangers of using contaminated water and in turn ensuring that water used for domestic and industrial use is free of water borne disease forming bacteria, chlorine and harmful chemicals.

Metal Ions Sanitizing Products:

  • All Chlorine Free
  • Made only from metal IONs
  • Does not allow for bug/bacteria resistance
  • No known contra-indications if taken with medication
  • Not affected by temperature variation
  • Bacteria Based Products:
  • Not genetically modified (non-GMO)
  • Non Pathogenic (only good bacteria)
  • Taken from nature (soil) and put back into nature to do their work

Puresan Purepool

Reduces the need for Chlorine, Kills 100% of all waterborne bacteria, viruses and fungi

Before(green/algae) and After(clear) images without the use on chlorine. 

Only Puresan Purepool.

Product Categories

  • Water Treatment
  • Leisure Water Additives
  • Agriculture
  • Cleaning Products