Benefits of Biotechnology

Low cost in use (concentrations up to 1:600)
Environmentally friendly
Ph Neutral, Non-corrosive to infrastructure
High performance, multi-tasking, extended cleaning
Safe for people, animal life, marine life
Environmental certifications, LEED points

Innuscience Nu-Kleen Smell is the official floor cleaner in

Innuscience Product Ranges

Cleaners & Degreasers, Floor Care, Odour Eliminators, Pet Care, All Purpose Cleaner, Carpet and Fabric Cleaner, All surface Cleaner, Cleaner & Degreaser for food services, Descaler and many more

All-Surface Cleaner

Hard Surface Descaler

Kitchen Cleaner

Floor & Tile Cleaner

De-Odorizer for Toilets

Cleaner & Degreaser

All Fabric Cleaner

Cleaner & De-Odorizer

General De-Odorizer

Grease Trap Maintenance